Singer, African China Opens Unisex Salon

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Legendary singer who has made many proud and understands good music, African China, is really a business man as he does not depend on music alone.

Many would have thought that he has been pushed away by the crop of young artistes in the industry but the dude has been playing his game well and on a silent note.

His music are uncountable as he recently released a news single titled ‘Letter to Mr president,’ Well, since the government is not helping its citizen, the singer has decided to try his hands on another business.

While making music, African China, has just opened a unisex salon meant to also yield returns for him while he focuses on his music and other things.

Remember that he also has a live band and musical instruments which he rents out for outdoor events and that aspect of business has also been doing well in his Festac base.