Koko Zaria’s Daughter Defend Father’s Marriage to Actress, Awele Odita

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

It is really getting messier after Koko Zaria revealed his undying love for actress, Awele Odita, on social media and he has been getting various negative comments.

The much rumoured about his love affairs with Awele, is finally put to rest since he has come out to affirm it but as he got bashed, his first daughter, Ayinde, has come to his rescue.

Ayinde stated that although many might not like his father’s decision but he is mature enough to decide what is good for him while she promise to keep loving her dad no matter what.

According to her, “Enjoy dad I love you because I know you know what is right from wrong nobody can tell you how you can control your family #happyfamily one love.”

But kokozaria, who was proud of what his daughter said, replied; “ @ayinde_baby I love you my daughter like kilode, you are the head you will never be the tail, akobi miii you won't be my second born but always my first child, I love you baby.”