John Fashanu Never Added Value to Nigeria, he Does not serves to be Ambassador

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Hmm, there is trouble for former football star, John Fashanu, after he was picked as NAPTIP ambassador along with his woman and actor, Kenneth Okonkwo.

While Kenneth shared the good news, a concerned Nigerian came out to challenge the ambassadorial post given to Fashanu, arguing that he never added any value to his country Nigeria.

History has it that during the playing days of John, he was called up on several occasions to come play for the Nigeria Super Eagles but he turned the offer down as he chose to play for England and he still remain one man who never played for Nigeria.

This concerned fan believes that another celebrity could have been used instead of Fashanu.

According to his argument, “Minus fashanu from the list. He is not a role model to us and history never said good about him and us, and we the new generation only knew him how he turned Down Nigeria.. When we needed his service.. I have zero respect for him.. The love I have for Moses, Odemwingie exceptional.. Because they did what fashanu refused to do..