My Girlfriend Knows My Movie Roles are Professional…Benson Okonkwo

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Nollywood actor, Benson Okonkwo, is not a new name in the Nigerian movie industry as he has made a name for himself since identifying his craft with the industry that has helped saved many from unemployment.

The actor has lived more on controversies especially about his s3x life as he has been called all kind of names with many describing him as not being straight but he is never borthered.

Recently speaking with Punch newspaper, the actor disclosed that he actually has a girlfriend who understands his job and does not mind him locking lips with another man because it’s just professionalism and nothing more.

According to him, “My girlfriend knows I am just being professional in doing my job. As for my family, I am from a free-thinking home.”

Benson sure has a good sense of humour and taste as he goes on to describe what he likes in a woman, “I like someone who is crazy, enlightened, does not care about the opinion of people, and who is basically like me. However, she must believe in God; that is sacrosanct.”