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Africans in Diaspora with dealings in their mother land can now heave a sigh of relief. This is because they no longer have to worry about security of cash transactions across borders, courtesy of the introduction of Non Resident African Banking services from the stable of the United Bank for Africa Plc; the bank that is commonly referred to as Africa's global bank.

UBA I must say is making rapid progress in the business world and gaining popularity. Essentially I have christened its Non Resident Banking services as “African Rising” owing to the succour the innovative banking service, has brought to African brothers and sisters in Diaspora with interests in the continent. I came in to direct contact with UBA whilst on a recent trip to Africa, a voyage which began from America and swept me across different countries. Prior to our departure, I had concerns, regarding security. After all, bias media coverage on activities on the motherland; leaves one with the impression that there are muggers lurking on every street corner.

In preparation for my trip, I researched the easiest means of traveling around the African sub region without carrying cash and came up with UBA. Its positioning statement , Africa `s Global Bank ticked my fancy and I naturally became curious to find out what they had to offer. Then I came across what exactly I was looking for, Non-Resident African Banking. Even though I was acquainted with the name UBA from a visit to the Rockefeller Building in New York , but like many other Africans in the Diaspora, I wasn't familiar with all of their products. I soon learned that UBA Plc is a full-service financial services institution, offering retail banking, corporate and investment banking, private equity, asset management, stock broking and custodian services. It is the largest banking group in West Africa with total assets in excess of US$15bn and more than 6 million customers across the region. The group according to reports has embarked on an ambitious transformation program driven by its vision to create Africa`s global bank. Now back to Non Resident Africa Banking services, it truly made my sojourn and fiscal transactions in the motherland easy. Non Resident banking services allows you to conduct financial transactions with ease through the internet. Essentially it enables you to open and operate a savings or current account, invest in shares, buy properties e.t.c. without relying on third parties to handle financial transactions on behalf of us Diaspora Africans. Consequently I went to the bank`s website, and downloaded the Non Resident African Account form, filled it out, and posted it to the listed address. A couple of days later; a response came in the mail. My Non Resident African account was up and running after which I had it funded. Unlike America and Europe, travelling in Africa requires additional planning because of the relative lack of sophisticated financial services. For me therefore, travelling from the US to London , West Africa, then to East Africa, and transiting for a week in Central Africa , sure required proper planning. With a UBA account, I was able to travel in style and conduct my business with no relative ease. My relationship managers at UBA were with me all the way, though not physically. As I was departing the US , I sent them a missive that I will be in London and will need funds. Upon arrival, the funds were easily accessible via my Visa Dual Currency Debit Card on the UK ATM for me. After a few days in London , I decided it was time to hit the road again. My next destination was Uganda , in East Africa . When I reached Obote country, my funds saved in UBA were once again available at my Visa enabled ATM card. Since my schedule was fully booked, I did not have time move around, but was able to conduct business in Ghana and Ivory Coast . While in Uganda , all it took was to communicate with my relations manager, who made funds transfer to my business associate in these countries. By the time I arrived in Ghana and Cote de Ivoire, my transactions were fully consummated. My experience with UBA has been quite satisfactory I must say.

As Africa's Global Bank, UBA has been making significant press in expanding its footprints across Africa . Only recently, United Bank for Africa (Sierra Leone) Limited commenced banking operations in Freetown, Sierra Leone at the bank`s first branch and Head Office located at 15 Charlotte Street, Freetown. Receiving the license, the Managing Director/ CEO of UBA Sierra Leone, Mr. Abdurrahman Yinusa urged Sierra Leone to embrace UBA and view the bank as a partner in the development and economic growth of the country. As Africa `s global Bank, we are committed to bringing comprehensive world-class financial services to all the markets in which we operate and make positive contributions to their respective economies at large, he remarked.

In addition to introducing innovative products and services to the market, UBA is determined to change the way people bank in Africa , asserting that the bank will make banking accessible for all and provide banking solutions that suit the needs of the customer. UBA Sierra Leone brings to Eight, the number of African countries, where UBA Group currently has presence [i.e. Nigeria, Ghana , Uganda , Cameroon , Cote d`Ivoire , Liberia , and Sierra Leone. The group`s increasing network in Africa now spans countries in West, Central and East Africa, as well as having an international presence in London , New York and the Cayman Islands . To sign up for a UBA account, the following is needed: Basic Requirements:

Valid proof of Identification - Driver's License, International Passport, Residence Permit or Work Permit (necessary to confirm customer's status) Proof of source of funds (Employer's reference, Letter of employment, Work ID, Recent Payslip, Evidence of Business registration, Business Bank statements, or Banker's Business reference) Proof of address (Current Utility bill not exceeding 2 months), last 6 months Bank statement, or copy of any letter received within the last 3 months from existing Banker. Attestation of photocopies attached

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