The Old Witch

By Melanie Miller

The old witch walks on the cobble stone, to a grave yard.

She places bones and stones onto the earth's ground, and makes sounds from her throat.

She stands there without a care and cast a magickal spell on someone she wants to curse.

The moon is full tonight and she knows that her magick will work well.

As she cast her spell, she sees a ghost, and asks it to do her bidding.

The ghost, does her bidding and follows her to her castle and there it stays with her.

Another night cometh and she casts a spell again, this time, to win the love of her life.

She wishes to marry someone and be his wife.
The potion she holds in her hands, will go into the black pot.

She will cast her spell and cast it a lot!
She takes a wing from a bat, and her black cat, smiles at her now.

She tosses pettles from a flower as well into the ketttle and wishes for him to come to her tonight.

The old witch has been a witch for many of years and a witch she shall remain til her time comes, to parish.

For now..she will cast her black magick and white magick at home alone, and take a magickal flight,

during the night and look at the full pale moon light as she soars into the night's sky..and wink at it with her witchy eye.

the end...