Since my Mother Died, I Can no Longer Control My Anger…Bovi fires

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Comedian, Bovi, like some of his other entertainers, is not ready to take any form of chill pill at any form of insult melted out at him.

The comedian has been nursing some anger for a while about a lady who has been disturbing him and now he could no longer hold it as he decided to speak up before it is too late.

The comedian disclosed that a certain woman has been trying to blackmail him with silly excuses but he had to voice out so people will know what is going on.

Airing his displeasure, he wrote, "The above woman has been going back and forth trying to blackmail me emotionally because she says I snubbed her husbands messages. After failing to prove that I did that or that I know him personally, I urged her not to DM me on his behalf again if she has any regards for him. She went against my advice. I suspected she would so I have our entire chat history saved. This is d tail of it. It's the dead of the night but this woman won't just stop..... now this is a memo to whom it may concern; it's easier to lie against me blatantly than to guilt trip me. If you try to make me feel bad I will make you feel bad. I lost my mum exactly 12 months ago and part of my anger is that she always let sleeping dogs lie all d time. Now she's not here to alter my temperament anymore so if you come for me, I will hug you tightly! We are all going to die someday! I'm not gonna spend my life manning the gates of anybody's Insecurities!"