If My Man Messes up, I will Sell the Engagement Ring and Lavish the Money… Sotayo Sobola

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com
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Seriously, the word ‘Love’ is no longer pleasing to the ear of many as various perceptions and challenges have been sold into the hearts of intending couples who now live in fear just like how actress, Sotayo Sobola, feels.

The actress in an interview with journalists claimed that she is engaged but only belives in love because it exists in the dictionary but does not exist any other place.

On how she met her lucky man, she wasted no time in nothing that the man might be lucky but if he misbehaves, she will gladly sell off the ring and lavish the money.

In fact she could not hide her opinion as she warned ladies to always accept expensive rings from men so that they can sell it if the man messes up anytime.

In her words, "Abeg leave that thing, them dey sell ring na. If the man misbehaves, you sell the ring, chop the money and walk away. Ladies should stop receiving cheap rings. Receive the one you can sell when the man messes up."