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Checkout the Deeper Life Bride who is Still a Virgin (photos)

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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For those attending the Deeper Life Bible Church, it is mandatory that they keep to the tenets of the church for as long as they can and to outsiders, not many of them understand this.

When it comes to modest dressing without use of earthly made things like jewelries, bangles, earrings and others you will sure find that at the Pastor Kumuyi owned church.

It was indeed a happy day in church on Saturday 3rd Dec 2016, as the church stood together to celebrate its own who was getting married as a virgin.

A lot of things caught the attention of non members of the church who attended the event like the bride stepping out without make-up, earrings and dressing in white which signifies she is still untouched.

For the bride to be in white actually signifies that she is a virgin. In deeper life weddings, once it is determined the bride isn't chaste; she isn't permitted to be in white. Any other color goes. But never white.

All the same, we wish them happy married life as friends and families expect to see the nine months journey alert.