Tony Tetuila is my son, says Ghanaian producer


Isaac Abeidu Aidoo, a.k.a. Goodies is the proprietor of Goodies Production based in Ghana. Reputed to be one of the best in his country, Aidoo is the creative force behind the famous hip-hop group, VIP.

The multi award-winning producer was in Nigeria recently for the production of a musical video of Tony Tetuila's new album 2 Women which featured the VIP. Aidoo, who produced Tetuila and Tic Tac's collaboration that featured the popular track, Fefe na fe told Daily Sun how memorable it was, working with Nigerian artistes.

Isaac Abeidu Aidoo was born in 1976 in Accra to Mr. John Kingsley Aidoo and Grace Nketia Aidoo. Isaac had his elementary education at the Harvard College. He started producing music in 1999. Meanwhile, his rise to fame began with Lord Kenya in 2000 after he produced his first album entitled: Yesomsika. To his surprise, the album won awards and sold about 150,000 copies.

Moved by the patronage of the album, he went ahead to produce the VIP's album entitled: Lumbe Lumbe in 2001. Then, the album made little impact, but today the VIP is one of the leading groups in West Africa with its brand of music called lip-life. In 2002, he signed on Tictac. He is married with three kids.

How I started
I started music business in 1999. I have produced many artistes here in Nigeria and in Ghana. They include, Lord Kenya, Tictac, Sinine, Mzbell, and the VIP. I work in partnership with Kennis Music. I represent them in Ghana and they represent me here in Nigeria. I promote Tuface Idibia and Tony Tetuila in Ghana.

Two years ago, I was asked to package a show for the Ghanaians in Europe by the Ghana Olympic Community. I have organized shows in Italy and Holland. I appreciate all those who have assisted me in one way or the other to make all the shows a memorable one.I had a show here in Nigeria during the last Easter celebration at the beach.

I must appreciate Nigerians for accepting Ghanaian music even when they don't understand their languages. I was highly impressed by the way Nigerians appreciate good music because, back home, the level of appreciation is not so high.

Aside music
I'm the founder of Goodies Foundation, an NGO in Ghana, aimed at fighting HIV/AIDS, racism and keeping the environmen clean, with the support of the Ministry of Health in Ghana that gave me the mandate to sanitatize the environment.

Relationship with artistes
It has not being easy at all in producing artistes and promoting their works. I must say that it is quite challenging even though I enjoy it. My artistes have encouraged me in every way. We are so close that we now see ourselves as one big family. In Ghana, the artistes are humble too. Whenever I asked them to assist me in cleaning up the environment, they carry out the exercise diligently.

In Nigeria, I am very close to Tuface and Tony Tetuila. Tony Tetuila, particularly is like a son to me. I have worked out collaborations between Ghanaian artistes and their Nigerian counterparts like the collaboration between Tictac and Tony Tetuila which produced the award-wining track, Fe fe na fe. The latest one is with Tony Tetuila's new album 2 Women, which video clip was shot recently. I must say that Nigeria is blessed with a lot of talented artistes.

Assessment of Nigeria industry
We all know Nigeria is richly blessed with human and natural resources. The only problem facing the industry is that of piracy and it is worse here than every other West African country. It is annoying seeing another person reap the fruit of your labour.
Instead of pirating our works, they (pirates) should enter into agreement with the recording labels and the artistes. I want to advise the recording companies in Nigeria to begin to appreciate their artistes in order to get the best from them.

Advice to Nigerian artistes
I encourage them to do their best and leave the rest to God. They should not see themselves as inferior to their counterparts overseas.
As for the producers and promoters, they should learn to build cordial relationships with their artistes because they keep them in business.