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Going by what we gathered in the city recently, Yahoozee crooner, Olumide Adegbulu a.k.a. Mr. Olu Maintain may need to start hunting for new 'band boys' who will help him carrying on from where we learnt the famous Kentro Crew stopped. Olu, though, may not have bargained for what his cherished musical band, Kentro World has turned into as we gathered that the band is already disbanded with the rest of the team moved to the United Kingdom to record a song without the self-acclaimed king of Kentro World,

Olu Maintain. According to information, whose hit album, Yahoozee made unprecedented success about three years ago, has not been steering the chip of the 5-man band well as he was alleged to be pocketing the largest portion of the 'goodies' accrued from shows locally and internationally without any form of re-investing back into the business. Though, Olu, before and even now, has had it so rough in the hands of the media due to his self-adulation and arrogance nature, however, some people still see him as one easy-going dude who doesn't smoke nor romance any alcoholic drink.

The genesis of his problem, inside sources reveal, started few months after his second solo effort, Yahoozee became an instant hit and the handsome dude became so full of himself with pride and arrogance written all over him. Luck, however, smiled on him and he got an American speck Chrysler and Sequoia Jeep to complement his status as one of the respected Naija artistes.

Having garnered enough reputation for himself, he formed his Kentro Band and totally ignored those who started out with him, people like LKT, Puffy T and Eddie Kim. These 'neglected people' though might not have made the kind of success Olu made within a short space of time, notwithstanding, they are said to be doing well in the showbiz world without the support of Olu and they are said to be seriously pursuing to be on top of their game in the entertainment industry.

The last straw that actually lbroke the camel's hunch led to the dissolution of the band, we gathered. When Olu Maintain sold his Anthony Village house and used part of the money to secure an apartment for himself at Akin Osiyemi, Off Allen Avenue, Ikeja, area of Lagos, the entire band frowned at that move. We were told, though, reasons were not stated.

While some are saying he bought the 3-bedroom apartment, close sources say, he just rented the apartment for two years. However, Olu who has moved into his tastefully furnished new apartment also said to have acquired two wonders on well, an Armanda and a Lincoln Navigator Jeeps same. These Kentro Bois, in a frustrated manner, we learnt, called up a meeting in London where the ace producer, Puffy T was said to have promised to give them hits songs more than Yahoozee and 'new Kentro Bois are already working seriously in the UK to be on top of their game in the industry as you're reading this.