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Exclusive: As Warri Boy, No Lady Can Claim to be my Babymama…Singer, Chuq-E

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

The Nigerian music industry is really growing on a fast pace and the likes of fast rising singer, Chuq-E, is stepping in to also raise the bar in the industry with his latest single ‘Diana’ which was produced by Selebobo. Just fresh in the industry, the singer is already trending with rumour of having issue with Tripple MG singer, Tekno over same song title.

To clear the air on the issue, caught up with the singer who recently returned to Nigeria and he was shocked at the rumour of having issues with Tekno and was glad to make his fans know that all his well.

Read excerpts below;
Can we get to know your personality as an artiste and why music?

Yeah, my stage name is Chuq-E but my real name is Otulu Austin Chukwuma, I’m from Delta state. Doing music has been my passion from time and most time, I get beaten because of music. You know when you have passion for something, it keeps striving you and when you see people doing it, you will like come on, I can actually do this, even when you have not done it before you will still feel yes you an do this, so that has always driven me. When I grew up, I realised that this thing is really getting me and the more I grew the more I keep seeing myself finding more reason to do it and the rest God took control.

How about your academics, did you also have to stop it just for music?

I’m not a school dropout, I finished from Abia state Polythecnic to be precise and I studied marketing, I know you will want to ask why then music (laughs) but you know the normal African parents when you tell them that you want to do music, dem no go give you school fees again, so when they told me that, I said okay, when I went into school, I just went for marketing because I love it too because I worked with some companies even before I finished school but when I left school, I knew I had to face my music so that was how it all came about.

You hardly stay in the country why did you decide to come home to make music rather than base abroad?

Yeah, I don’t stay here but being a Nigerian, I have to represent my country first, they say charity begins at home, so I have to come back home first, they need to know from my father’s land before I can go outside though I’m known while in school because I made a lot of hits and people knew me then in school that was in 2011/2012 before I left Nigeria for Ghana so I’m back and I need to wake up that spirit again.

The Nigerian entertainment industry is buzzing greatly these days with great talents, how do you think you can best fit in with others?

Ah, the industry is very large and everybody have their own space. As far as I’m concern, I have my own space nobody is taking it because I am versatile and I have my own kind of music, so I know even if there are 20 people singing my kind of music, they have their own voice I have mine, so my own space is there and I am going to fit in perfectly note, I am already getting into the place already, so I’m not scared.

Your latest song, ‘Diana’ ft Selebobo is already creating controversies between you and Tekno, don’t you see Tekno as a threat and don’t you think such controversy is too early for your career?

You want to know the truth? I have not been around, so I don’t even know what you are talking about. I just came into the country and I started hearing that I am fighting with Tekno. Well, I just believe it is just the media; they have to do their work. Probably they feel Chuq-E did a song and titled it ‘Diana’ and Tekno did his with same title, maybe they are going to have a beef or something but it was when I got back that my manager told me but the truth is Tekno is my man in fact, coming back now, I am suppose to meet him, so I cannot be fighting with him and want to hang out with him. Abeg o, you guys should not put me in trouble because I don’t see him as a threat. Tekno is an artiste on his own and I respect him in fact I am his number one fan and same way I believe he feels my music too but the truth is we are not quarreling. We may sing a song that has the same title, see the truth is not everyone that can sing love song, so I am not having any problem with him the way people are making it look like.

Cool, so why the choice of the same title of song and who made the song first?

Actually, I did not my song first. The amazing part is that it was when I got back that I heard the song ‘Diana’ by Tekno. I was like ah, ‘Diana’ but when I listened to it, it was a nice and cool song and the song was produced by Selebobo but I am not worried about that. You know, sometimes when you are doing a freestyle whatever comes to mind and you feel this is cool is what you will put in the song. I was trying to make a chorus and it best fit into the beat so I was like cool it can go. I don’t have issue with anyone and I don’t have issue with Selebobo producing for anyone because he is a dope producer and now that I am back, I am going to do like two to three songs with him, so we are not fighting.

Having based in Ghana for a while and trying to settle down in Nigeria, should your fans be expecting anything from you in Ghanaian language or collaboration with any of the singers?

Ah, I’m not coming to stay in Nigeria o, (laughs), I’m not basing here, I believe I’m just a traveler, I’m going to go all around the world, so for me to just stay in Nigeria, it is a no for me. The way I am promoting my songs here same is going on over there. Yes, I have done songs with couple of Ghanaian artistes. Recently, I’m working on a song with Stone Boy, recently I was in his studio to lay some voice and expecting him to be back to add his voice also. Just expect more of mixed flavour, Nigerian, Ghana and don’t be surprised if I speak another language outside Africa.

You look more of a corporate singer coming into the industry with great swag, what is your perception about the babymama syndrome since that is the trend among some artistes?

Hmm, for me for now, I don’t have a babymama, so I can’t even think of such. It can’t even happen to me by chance o, I be Warri boy and I dey tear eye (laughs) I will look. Like you said, it is what is trending but for me, I’m not putting that into consideration, I just want to remain focus on my career and every other thing should wait first. Even marriage should wait because before someone gets to be your babymama, you have given her one or two hopes but for me, I’m married to my career.

Controversies sells in entertainment, how do you tend to maneuver your way through the industry to remain focus especially having females around?

I don’t need to pull stunt to push or sell my music, when I go to a studio to make my song , I already have the believe that this song is going to sell and all I need to do is just the necessary things like publicity and the likes and when I do that, I think everyone is going to love it, so I don’t need a stunt just to be there no. I know controversies are there and will always be there no matter how one tries to avoid it, it is just there but for me, I don’t believe controversy will sell me, rather I will make it naturally and when the controversies come, I will deal with it maturely.