Drake Mocks Kid Cudi’s Fight With Depression In New Single

Source: informationng.com

Rapper, Kid Cudi recently shared a post on Facebook on his battle with depression and revealed he was going into rehab to seek help with suicidal urges.

It was a rare case of a celebrity openly talking their struggle with mental health issues. Canadian rapper, Drake who dropped four new singles on Monday appeared to have taken a swipe at Kid Cudi in one of the singles.

On the diss track titled ‘two birds, one stone’, Drake rapped;  “You were, “The Man on the Moon,” now you just go through your phases. Life of the angry and famous.”

Drake made all that money croaking and moaning melancholy lyrics n wants to shade someone for depression

— diet honey (@dianexhoney) October 24, 2016

Drake is messed for making fun of Kid Cudis depression…that’s just low

— Jonny (@jd1123) October 24, 2016