Confession of Helen Paul


By Ayo Onikoyi
Effervescent and spontaneous Helen Paul never failed to deliver at shows. At the GoTv customer fair show she lived up to her standard, applying speed and brake at appointed times. For the GoTv customers, and guests at the event, the babyish Helen Paul was just the prescription they needed for the night. *Helen Paul on stage

However, at a point they felt almost disappointed with the compère/comedienne, for a perceived injustice done to a girl that won a dance competition. The little girl had won a dance competition but in the audience’s estimation Helen Paul’s gift to her fell short of their expectation and they protested, saying the girl who came second got better gifts.

Feeling a bit low, Helen Paul explained to them she didn’t do it intentionally, that, the second girl must have got what she got as a result of God’s grace. “ Even me, I am a product of grace. I can not claim to be the best in my field but God has chosen me above others as a result of grace. There are many that can mimic babies, even better than me, and talk like a child but God has singled me out to be blessed. It is grace” she told the audience seriously.