RMD, Segun Arinze, Olu Jacobs, others in Oloibiri

Source: vanguardngr.com

Top Nollywood actor, RMD, Segun Arinze, among others, were among the celebrities, who featured in the wave-making yet to be released movie, titled, Oloibiri.

Produced by Rogers Ofieme and directed by, Curtis Graham, Oloibiri, is an action thriller mirroring fear, dread, international exploitation, governmental responsibility and the unseen benefits of desperate hope. The movie tends to speak about the government pacification of abused people of Oloibiri community through three subject matter. Mofe-Damijo

The tragic journey of the Oloibiri into developmental retrogression, the socio-cultural under-runs which birth militancy, and the governmental intervention to compensate a land which arguably, has been raped of its resources.

In his words, the producer, Rogers Ofieme said, “When we set out to make the movie, “Oloibiri”, we saw the need to reflect the stark emptiness that is a town, which first generated Nigeria's crude oil resources. We were keen to let the world see the extent of neglect faced by the village and its people, post the extensive oil-exploration in their land.

This informed the decision to make “Oloibiri” a transnational film where the cosy world of the oil-explorer, as symbolised by American oil-tycoon, Robert Powell is confronted by the resentful Gunpowder who symbolises victims of mindless explorations,” he said