Information Technology support company, TD Plus, is partnering Zinox Computers to provide support services for computers.

This partnership means that all Zinox computers, no matter where they are bought, will be accepted by TD Plus, which shall be responsible for all warranty and support issues on behalf of Zinox.

'This partnership is unique in the sense that TD Plus is authorised to effect instant across the counter repairs and also recommends immediate product replacement when necessary,' the Managing Director, Zinox Computers, Mr. Mukoro Emomine, said in a statement on Friday.

Explaining why Zinox went into the partnership with TD Plus, he said that the growing challenges of hardware manufacturing had dictated that the Zinox team concentrated fully on manufacturing.

According to him, the growing number of PCs required to service orders from the Nigerian market and the West coast has increased from 250 systems a week in 1991, to 3,000 systems weekly as at the end of March 2010.

Emomine said that the choice of TD Plus as the company to handle the support issues was based on its professionalism, national spread, technical depth and experienced customer service orientation.

Confirming the partnership with Zinox, the Head, TD Plus, Mr. Louis Iwegbuna, said that his company was a specialised support firm that would enable Zinox concentrate on its area of core competence.

He said that his company was already offering support to Zinox users at the helpdesk level, which enabled users to phone in and get instant support by talking to experts, who would tell them what to do.

Others include the on-line support, which enables users to check the status of the machines on-line or even to download drivers; the carry-in, which offers across the counter support to customers, while they wait; and the on-site support for customers with over 500 systems deployed at a site.

He said that TD Plus would also train the engineers of organisations with large deployments to trouble shoot and send an inventory to it, adding that there were time limits attached to every chore to ensure that customers experienced minimal downtime.