Should Ghanaian Singers Die One By One Before We Love And Appreciate Them??

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Our Industry has attached an exclusive reverence to Rap game over the years as if Music is all about Rap. It’s undoubtedly true that the Rap game involves a lot of ingredients that makes it palatable to the listeners but that does not mean we should direct all focus to that angle alone at the detriment of our Singers (those into secular music).

For the past years a singer may trend only after he’s been featured on a rap song. I hope we do not ascribe this to their performance cuz it’s the same effort that gives them the massive hit after featuring on rap songs. The whole thing is due to the fact that our Industry and it’s players is a “Singer Killer “* You noticed the many radio programs set aside for rappers alone?

Have you had a look at the number of entertainment channels on various TV stations meant for only rappers? Take into consideration how many times bloggers take time to publish sh#t about rappers or review their songs. Stay glued to your information sources and count the number of announced events that involves rap battles/competitions. Mr DJ keeps airing rap songs most right? That’s awesome.

All these moves are very needful in raising the rap game to the next level and i must salute them for that but my question is so do the Singers benefit same hype? Even our record labels are choked with rappers when the singers are equally good and deserve to be groomed. Now I need you to combine all these factors, and put the rapper and singer on a scale and see which of them the industry loves to promote.

Summing up all these factors do you still believe the singer will be motivated to do more? Do you believe this practice will encourage wannabe artistes to enter into singing? Do you believe the listeners out there will develop a deep love for singers? So how then do they trend in the system? The practices of the industry players is really killing our Singers, I repeat.

I always compare Music to a School/classroom session… The listeners out there as the students and the Industry players as the Instructors -the students readily accepts what the instructor offers without hesitation, and its real. Also, how the painting goes is exactly the picture viewers see, and accept: so if the industry players are giving the Rap game *alone* a nice picture, tell me how possible it is for observers to see something special in the Singers.

It’s about time our bloggers, Event organizers, Entertainment program hosts (TV & Radio), DJs, Record Label Bosses and all stakeholders of the music industry start to give the Singers a space to occupy in our various areas. They deserve more, just like the rappers. The total neglect will go a long way to affect our Music industry and we will have no choice than to *‘borrow singers from the space’*.

Shout out to the few singers who are still taking over the airwaves despite the neglect – the only inspiration to the next generation.