Why I Would Love To Marry Someone Who Once Had A Blood Convenant -Actress Jesse Bako

Source: porscheclassy.com

Nollywood actress, Nazareth Jesse Bako seems to have a different perception to the question posed at some Nigerian celebrities.

The actress goes a different direction unlike her colleagues who gave several reasons to avoid such instance in their life.

The question goes thus: ‘Let's say you're in the middle of a serious relationship and discover your partner once had a blood covenant with an erstwhile lover, would you go ahead and marry that person?…’

Bako in her response, revealed that she can marry someone who once had a blood covenant. Adding that she would not get married to the person if certain conditions are not met.

“Yes I can for so many reasons. Marrying someone who once had a blood covenant is like marrying a married man who already had a commitment before. Commitments can be broken especially if the two agree or when one dies, so a blood covenant doesn't make one a slave forever especially if you have this understanding.

“I can marry someone who once had a blood covenant if that person has settled the differences between him and his former partner. And also if the partner is dead or the covenant has been broken. If not, NO!”