I was offered N200,000 and RAV4 to leave my husband

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Lola Alao-Ogunlana, the Ihima beautiful Kogi born actress is one of the few ladies in the movie industry who flaunts their marriages anytime the opportunity arises.

Speaking against the background of the various atrocities actresses are said to be involved in, Lola declaimed to Nollywood emphatically that she sees nothing that can attract her to any other man.

Lola, who met US based businessman, Dare Ogunlana in 2001on the set of Owo Ale and got married to him the following year says of their meeting, “ I was on the set of Owo Ale with Bukky Wright in year 2001 and my husband came in the company of the Executive Producer, Dudu Heritage, who is his friend. I was so busy that I did not even notice him and as a shy person, he could not come to me directly. He sent a friend of mine to me. One thing led to the other and we started off a relationship and got married in 2002”.

Speaking further about her husband, Lola says “ He has been very nice, caring and understanding. He's one person who will go to any length to satisfy me, even if it means displeasing himself,” Asked if she has ever been attracted to any other man since her marriage, Lola said “what will I be looking for in another man. My husband has been very good to me. He's a very romantic person, who spares nothing to satisfy me. Nothing in the world will make me do that. Though he does not stay here in Nigeria whenever I have need of him, I call him and he will ask me to meet him in Ireland. It is that simple. And in any case, I am a very busy person. I go from locations to location, I write my scripts and I have my daughter to engage me when I am at home. I only seriously think of meeting a man when my husband is around. So there's nothing to push me to a man.”

Lola, like any other actress has had her fair share of deep pocket men, trying to use material things to lure her to bed. She recounted a particular experience when a man, whose house they went to shoot a movie and the man became so nice to her. According to her, the man, pretending to relate as a family friend asked to meet her husband, which she promised to facilitate but later asked her to come to his office to discuss a business proposal. “When I got to his office, he started behaving funny. What actually annoyed me was that he brought out N200,000, put it on the table and asked me to leave my husband and marry him, promising to buy me a RAV 4. I got mad on hearing that and I gave him a piece of my mind. Infact, I used the money to beat him and walked out on him.”

Lola who said no amount of money in the world to lure her out of her matrimonial home, said the love she has for her husband is more than what money can buy. “This is a man who believed in me right from the first day and has been supporting me all the way. When we met, h e asked me for my car, after seeing Bukky Wright and Bimbo Oshin with their cars. I told him I don't have any. He went ahead to buy me a car. Is that the kind of man I would joke with?” Lola asked. Though a lot of people believe Lola is one of people just growing in the industry, but she has come a long way. She made her entrance into the world of make believe in 1994 and have feature in several movies and TV soaps, which include Ripples, Fortunes, Magnates, Closets, Mistress Revolt and Super Story.

Narrating her first time out, Lola said a friend of hers, Taiwo Ibikemi invited her for an audition with Zeb Ejiro but she was reluctant in going. She eventually did but could not believe how much she fidgeted when she was given script to read. “I was shaking terribly but thank God, I overcame that.

Lola is not all about asking, she is presently packaging a talk shop called Celebrity Hood, which, according to her it is an hour programme meant to package stars and other celebrities and viewers the way they are. “Most times, the public have a wrong impression that is not correct so we will be presenting these people in a relaxed mood. There are other segments on health, human right and critical issues that will surely educate the view in public. Lola Alao Ogunlana, born to a retired soldier, is a mother of one and has produced movies like Aye Male, Adura Migba Ase Oluwa, Ose Mami, Orule and Gbela Koko mi yo (yet to be released).