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By Alonge Michael (

The recently recuperated actress from the auto crash she had on her way to Bayelsa State for an award ceremony, AMAA put together by Peace Fiberesima,
Stepanie Okere is at the moment not a happy woman. The reason of her dispirited disposition is based on the situation of things with her marriage to an exfootballer.

The hush-hush wedding, according to people in the know is at the verge of collapse as the Mr. Lover boy has been backsliding as far as his marital obligation is concerned.

A reliable source who made this known to us a few days ago said `` The man has not been serious at all, he just played on Stephanie`s intelligence and rushed her to the altar, he just wanted to identify himself to her stardom and money but the accident which made the star goddess spend lots of money revealed that, his
love for her is conditional``.

The footballer, we gathered has since stopped playing abroad as earlier rumoured, Stephanie had already rushed into it before she discovered the man`s dirtiest atrocities. Meanwhile, Stephanie is said to be looking for a way out of her predicament without public consumption. We will serve you more.