Lebanese Man (Tee Mac) Trying To Hide His Crime…Pretty Okafor


The feud currently going on in the Performing Musicians Employers' Association of Nigeria (PMAN) body over the leadership is getting dirty by seconds as the President of the body, Pretty Okafor, has come out to throw some bad punches at Tee Mac.

 Pretty who has been observing the defense put up by Ruggedman who has been responding to Tee Mac's rants and the way he has been bragging about the factional committee created to meet with the Minister of Commerce, Chris Ngige, pointed out that he was doing that to cover up his shady tracks.

PMAN president further added that Tee Mac has been duping Nigerian musicians for about 25 years which is why some musicians chose to do their thing and not believing in the body.

In his word, 'But he Tee Mac will not let the Union be because he want to cover the crime that he has committed against musicians. They can never be tired! How can thieves be tired of stealing? When it's in their blood vain. This they have been doing for the past 25 years that was why the union is moribund till we took over. Please ask this Lebanese what his still doing around the union if not trying to hide his crime.'