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Ikorodu United Team Involved in Fatal Auto Accident

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Looks can be very deceptive sometimes and to those people envying the lifestyle of some celebrities and would do anything to live flamboyant lifestyle just need to have a rethink.

Let me remind you that not all that glitters is gold, some of our celebrities live a fake live.

They flaunt designer pieces that are not original, the likes of Banky W, Liz Da Silva have tried to fool people with fake items but were called out by fans after being discovered, and they admitted.

The latest is Nollywood actress, Victoria Iyanma, who cried out that her designer wristwatch from Tagheuer was stolen by a visitor today.

After much findings, the actress's designer piece looks fake, as the original one happens to either have the company's logo on the top and the name of the collection on bottom side of the wristwatch or the logo on top and the name of watch collection and company on the bottom part.

All wristwatches from that brand doesn't come with only a logo, but the name of that collection and the company's name.

Critically looking at the actress's watch, hers looks fictitious, as it only has the logo on the top and nothing else on the bottom.

Knowing Freeze to be the fake wristwatch detector, we call on him to critically analyze this wristwatch.

Lol, not funny though, but I just wonder why the need to put up these charades as celebrities.

Freeze himself has been severally accused of flaunting fake wristwatches which he has denied many times. Lets see if he can smartly spot this one.

see the difference below:

dont cover your shame with someones business and shame
By: sam