Don't Be surprise When You See Nollywood actress ,Sobola Sotayo with a child


There have been rumours of Nollywood actress ,Sobola Sotayo dating different men who must have been bankrolling some of her biggest projects. However, she has made it clear that she started money at an early stage. She has been accused of dating Olamide, MC Olumo and Senator Ganiu Solomon.

She revealed “Well, if some people don't see you with any man and they eventually see you with somebody, especially when you have things going well for you, they assume you are having an affair with that individual. MC Olumo is a person you can't hide or run away from, apparently, I don't have any issues with him, so, I see no reason to avoid him. I don't have any kind of romance with him; but as regards Senator Ganiu Solomon, he is like a father to me”

Talking about Olamide “Olamide is much more like a brother from another mother,” she said of the singer. “His humility has made him achieve so much and he is still going to achieve more. I can always stand anywhere and vouch for him. I had to go and support him for his 'OLIC' in the United States. Basically, Olamide is my brother. When it comes to whether we are dating or not, the answer is no. We are just like brother and sister.”

To clear the air, she said “Well, I am engaged; but not married. My relationship is not what I want to unveil to the media. Don't be surprised you might see me tomorrow with my child,” she quipped. At least it is a confirmation there's someone somewhere pulling her chestnut out of the fire.