What I will do if I get cheated on — Cynthia Morgan

By The Citizen

German Juice singer, Cynthia Morgan, gained popularity for her song, Don't break my heart. In the song, she pleads with her lover not to leave her, saying, 'I wanna be with you from the start to the end. Baby don't break my heart.'

The dancehall artiste took to her Instagram account last week, saying she won't stress herself if her lover cheats on her. She posted a video of a lady dancing while holding on to knives.

'If I get cheated on, I will never stress on it. I will just write a couple of good songs that he will love, his friends will love and his new girl will love. I will watch them stalk me and my tour dates for the rest of their lives. What I am saying is this: young girl, don't stress, never stress. Work hard, pray and watch him be a fan.' - Vanguard.