Ay’s Wife, Mabel Makun Set to Venture into Music?

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

Wife of popular comedian, Ayo Makun, Mabel, has picked her husband as the only comedian that cracks up her ribs while singer, Kiss Daniel's songs brightens her day.

Expressing how much she loves the singer's songs, she was seen recently, digging the popular track 'Laye' on the dance floor and that got her thinking on what she could do with the song.

Mabel disclosed that due to the love she has for the singer, she was already saving some money to get a white grand piano so she can make her own version of the song.

In her words, “Saving up so I can buy myself a white grand piano. I promise I will do my own version of trhis song. Good music is food to my soul.”