Fans blasts Anna Ebiere for complaining over illegal usage of her photo

Source: Hope Efoghe/

Ex beauty queen Anna Ebiere, recently got blasted by fans, after she complained of her picture being used on a poster without her permission.

The issue started when the model cum baby mama, decided to demonstrate her fundamental human right by instructing the individual who made use of her photo without her knowledge to take it down.

The said photo was use in a club poster for an advertisement, and when the ex-beauty queen saw it, she didn't like it all.

She wrote: “I have no idea why you choose to use my picture as a means of advertisement for your club without my permission. Kindly take down this picture.”

This however didn't go down well with some people who said, once a photo is posted online, it becomes a public property.

Comment started flooding it, as they kept on saying she had no right to ask for the photo to be taken down, but rather, she should be happy that her photo was chosen to be used.