The Ban And The Omotola

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It's not news anymore that Omotola Jalade Ekeinde was among the numerous stars blacklisted by the movie marketers in Nigeria, it is not news either that she was ban particularly because of her snobbish attitude towards work and her colleagues, most people who have worked with Omotola have complained about her attitude; Omotola always arrived late to location and when she got there never came with anything, hoping to be provided with everything from shoes to hair cream. Omotola must have read the Hollywood manual on 'how to be an actress' forgetting that in Nollywood, film making takes no lessons from its counterpart.

In a chat with an industry insider recently, she noted that though the 'ban' might have been a bad thing, Omotola deserved it. She expressed bitterness over Omotola's attitude on set and said that even though people could be fazed by stardom, Omotola reached the heights and needed to be checked before it got really bad, but what actually is really bad? Maybe Omotola became obnoxious, maybe she even shunned her fans every now and then, but on camera, regardless of everything, Omotola shines. Omotola came into the industry almost ten years back and built a career from scratch. She wasn't crowned queen immediately, she earned it. If Omotola was not good, if she did not have charisma with the audience, her career would have ended a long time ago or might never even have started in the first place.

Since we do not operate like Hollywood, (we release pictures in days and put them straight on video) maybe we should not compare our industry to Hollywood, but a star is a star regardless of the industry and so it is only normal that their attitudes are a lot alike. In Hollywood, actress Jennifer Lopez has a reputation for snubbing her co stars and usually not socializing with them, she has a reputation for coming late to set and fighting with her directors, but Ms. Lopez still makes movies because Hollywood understands star power. Star power is what makes a movie. Hollywood understands that regardless of how obnoxious an actor is, the most important thing is how good the actor looks in the final cut and how much the actor is able to help in pulling box office receipts.

An insiders says Nollywood is suffering as a result of the ban, says people want to continue to see Omotola. A fan who Omotola once snubbed in church says she would still buy a film with her name on the credit. Maybe Nollywood is learning a lesson the hard way, maybe Omotola was very bad behaved, but you can never kill a star, it has to die a natural death.