My Sisters Do Better Version of my Faux Accent -Falz


Have you ever heard Falz speak in his hilarious Nigerian faux accent? He is simply amazing and will make you laugh so hard. Well, he learnt this way of speaking so many years ago. Falz who was busy in his law practice for two years abandoned it when he took on his music passion to the next level.

Falz explained that his faux accent started with his siblings, saying his sisters could even do a better version of the accent. This means that the acting runs in the family even though, they are famously known as the legal family.

Like his father, Femi Falana, Falz is a lawyer. He read law at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom before he later went to the Nigerian Law School where he qualified as a Barrister. After graduation, Falz worked in his father's chambers before venturing into music. This is where any comparison with his father ends. In 2009 Falz released a mixtape he titled 'Shakara'. He is popular on social media for his funny 'ello bae' comedy skits which went on to become a song with a video.

He has an alter ego “"I do have an alter ego. His name is Brother Taju. In reality, I am quite shy but when I'm in the booth or on stage, I'm a different character"