I like playing crazy and sexy roles – Fisayo Ajisola

Source: Nigeriafilms.com

Nollywood actress, Fisayo Ajisola is one of those daring ladies who can act without clothes and take it as no big deal. The actress is beautiful and creative, the two factors that have supported her to climb fast in Nollywood. She has featured in movies like This Life, Jenifa's Diary, Nectar, Shadows, Burning Spear, Circle of Interest, The Story of Us and others.

Since she took up acting as a career it has been fun for her. Guess the type of roles she would love playing “Personally, I like playing crazy and sexy roles. It is really nice for me playing these roles. I played a sexy role in one of the soaps titled “Story of Us” that is on air currently. Mind you, one doesn't have to be naked to play sexy roles. The Nigerian mentality towards movie production or films is really affecting the progress of the industry…”

She said that if she have to take a script that she have to go nude, it is not her but the character she s playing. “For example, if I am to play the role of a prostitute and I have to go nude to do it, then why not? It is not as if I would have to stand and strip naked in front of the camera. No, it is about motion. It is not for fun, but to define a particular character. So, I will find it pleasurable to act that character in such a way that I could pass my message across if that is what it will take to convince people about the character. Acting is not about things happening real. You are the character and you have to make it real when the director says 'action.' So, I see no big deal in it if my character has to go to through the process to showcase being nude. I don't know why people in this part of the world react aggressively or negatively when they hear nudity. We should always have a way to go about it to balance culture and the reality of life.”