Tiwa Savage Stoned With Pure Water Bags

Source: Nigeriafilms.com

Tiwa Savage was on stage when fans started throwing her pure water bags because she was singing English songs. You must be wondering how is it possible that our Kele Kele Love can suffer such a humiliation and when this happened.

During the Youth Enterprise Conference 2016, she had spoken of how she was disgraced on stage at her first major show in Nigeria, that was when she came back to the country. “My first performance at Kennis Easter Fiesta was a disaster! I was stoned with pure water bags because I was singing English songs and blowing too much phonetics.” Tiwa said.

She said she ran back to her husband who was her boyfriend at that time and cried 'my people are not accepting me, I don't know what to do.' He told her to start singing songs that they could relate with. And that was how she came up with Kele Kele Love.

She added “Ladies face a lot in the industry. These men cannot but ask for sex from us.“A lot of times they said that they wanted to help me but actually they wanted me to do 'something' with them. Luckily I had a crazy boyfriend who ended up being my husband. He just shot them down.If you are really talented and good at what you do and you have God behind you, don't give in to that kind of temptation. I guarantee you that your talent will make a way for you.The same people will be the ones calling and you will even get more than you ever imagined if you don't give in,” she added