Ini Edo Disgraced By Fans For Her Wearing This Outfit


This gorgeous white gown must have cost Ini Edo fortune but some fans are mocking her for putting it on during the last AMVCA event. The heat is on for the actress because many of her fans are saying that the dress looked more like her wedding gown and had seriously written it off.

A fan said to her “What is this..Are you the bride for the occasion? This is a big no for this occasion; you need a better stylist ma, no offense.”

Another added “Here comes the bride in an award show”

Ini Edo who was announced as the Special Adviser (Tourism and Development) for Akwa Ibom State may not agree with these fans, "Now this beautiful work of art was designed and made by one man which is what I call excellence in craftsmanship that lots of people cannot boast of being successful at any form of craftsmanship or talent yet they are quick to judge and insult people who invest their time into productive creativity…keep your senseless unsolicited opinions to yourself comment on your pages and stay clear of my page if all u have to say is discredit other people's hard work It's only an ugly mind that would call this ugly. Enough said. @jbliving designer of life”.