Of The Letter In Which Fidel Castro Rubbished Obama

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Karl Marx wrote in his book, the 18th Brumaire that ‘history repeats itself,it occurs first as a tragedy and repeats as a farce.’ Truely, history has repeated itself between North America and the socialist revolutionary world.It first occured in the person of John F Kennedy during the mid of the last century, and it has now farcically repeated itself in the eventuality of Barrack Obama visiting the revolutionary republic of Cuba.

The visit of Obama to Cuba where he delivered a self-confident speech to the people of Cuba was diminutized by the doyen of revolutionary Castro the one Fidel Castro, he had to rubish every letter,dot and tittle of Obama’s speech through the letter he wrote to the editor in the Granma a Cuban revolutionary newspaper.

Obama’s experience in Cuba reminds the world of John F Kennedy an American president during the mid of the last century.Kennedy was a top most intellectual in the western world.Clssified as America’s most eloguent and most well read president by that time.He was among his worthies in the western intellectual station.He shared a pedestal with Luther King Junior,Athur Schelleissenger and other champions of market focussed civilisation.

One time Kennedy exposed himself by trying to bestride the terrains of contemporaries in the socialist or revolutionary Geographies .These were Kwame Nkurumah , Frantz Omar Fanon,Jewarlal Nehru,Fidel Castro,Abdul Gamel Nasser,Julius Nyerere and Leonid Brezhnev to mention just but a few.The outcome was tragic to the western world.

Nkurumah was by then on the crest of his political intellectualisation course as he had just published his criptic political logic known as the consciencisim,In fact Nkurumah refused to to offer a state meeting with Kennedy, it had happened that Kennedy was on a visit to Ghana, an act which Nkurumah justified by saying that Kennedy was illiterate and a half-baked intellectual. Instead Nkurumah instructed the secretary to give Kennedy, the Rhodesia File, a book by Nkurumah.

Omar Frantz Fanon was an intellectual tower,his two books, The Wretched of the Earth and White Skins and the Black Masks were a compulsory read for literature and political science in both the western and socialist universities.Julius Nyerere was a gifted Machiavellian, he dissembled by shrewdly meeting Kennedy but they never discussed ideology, they confined themselves to catholicism.Given that both Nyerere and Kennedy were catholics.Nehru outrightly refused to meet Kennedy on the grounds that kennedy was an intellectual saddo.

A fact that can be justified on reading Nehru’s Glimpses of History,Discovery of India and Autobigraphy.Brezhnev was a tower over a Lilliputian Kennedy over matters intellect , ideology and politics.When Kennedy was assasinated, Castro publicly giggled by mirthfully wondering how a man in position of John Kennedy, commanding all the riches in the world could be shot by a street mad man, unless out of personal folly.That was that.

Again the world have been feted to the same treat between waning American capitalism and waning Cuban communism.Castro did not meet Obama in Cuba, he watched Obama on You Tube and television screen.Obviously Obama is garrulous and his garrulity enjoyed a sidereal station this time round when giving an olive leaf of a speech to the Cuban citizens.

His message was for Cuba to change into a market based economy for the better of the Cuban youths.An idea to which any informed mind can react in a regal by asking the self that Africa is purely market based in economic civilisations but its youths wallow in poverty as the current wretched of the earth with overt notions for illegal migration to europe as a solution.What a paradox.

In a capstone response,Fidel Castro rubished Obama in an a letter to the people of Cuba,Published in the Granma under the title El Hernamo Obama or Brother Obama.He faulted Obama’s capitalist world fact by fact.Starting with failure to protect enviroment,failure to curb terrorism,racism in America,abuse of the rights of migrants,historical injustice of colonialism and apartheid,annihilation of native populations in the americas, American terrorism on Cuba and Vietnam and Australia.

The apex of Castro’s riposte was in two statements;the people of Cuba are able to work and use their intelligence to feed themselves without begging from the empire of North America, and also Cubans are at risk of heart attack just by listening to a syruppy speech like that one delivered by brother Obama. However, Castro ridiculously appreciated Obama for reflecting on history that happened ten years before Obama was born and also cautioned Obama not to experiment with empty theories on Cuban politics.

Alexander K. Opicho
(Lodwar, Kenya)

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