Stop Taking Selfies in Hotel Rooms, Ladies- Sheyman

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

When someone like singer, music producer and mixer Sheyman speaks about showing off, you better listen because he has a lot to show for after working hard as a singer. Today, he has some brunt words for some Nigerian ladies who are fond of talking pictures in hotel rooms.

This year, Sheyman opened a music studio in Lekki, Lagos that was worth millions, he is into property business and has a brand 'Phatbase, not forgetting his latest 2015 Range Rover Vogue 2015 Autobiography, that is reportedly worth £100,000 (28 million Naira). This gives him the credence to discourage ladies form not using their brain in some lifestyles.

He tweeted “Stop the habit of taking selfies in hotel rooms. Those selfies depicts your low self-esteem. We know you can't afford breakfast not to talk of the hotel room itself. If you are that cheap to mess around, you shouldn't be proud to tell us. My Point! Nowadays, everyone wants to live that life, chilling this, chilling that. Least you can do for yourself is use your brain!!! Abeg, make you no vex if it touch you”