Relationship Doesn’t Bring Money- Kenny St. Best


There was a time Singer Kenny St. Best was trending because of her affairs with men, not any longer because she is now more concern about her business. Kenny Saint Ogungbe married her husband Eddy Asiedu Brown in 2006 and changed her name to Kenny Saint Brown. The couple divorced in 2012 after 6 years of marriage and two children together, after which she changed her name to Kenny Saint Best. She is currently doing food business alongside her music career.

She said “The food business will come up strong between now and June. I am doing it online. Nigerians are now buying food online…Apart from that, before summer, I will really be busy, getting my hands into new business. I am opening a rice shop, all manners of rice. I am very passionate about food business, I love cooking. I am a passionate cook. I wouldn't say more than that before someone steals the idea.

She said that she is coping well with her kids who are in a nice school and they are doing well. They are good, she admitted. However, do not bother asking her about her relationship “I am not talking about relationship. It doesn't bring money. I am talking about business.