OceanTen promises job for unemployed Nigerians

By Regina Whenu
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OceanTen, a social media revenue platform promises job for interested unemployed Nigerians.

According to OceanTen, Nigeria’s First Virtual Service Platform, the initiative is intended to change people’s network into net worth by helping them earn on the go. OceanTen allows you to earn extra income by earning points based on tasks performed on the platform.

Speaking on the initiative, Platform Manager, OceanTen, Olawale Olajide noted that reducing unemployment digit and helping millions of small businesses scale are the opportunities OceanTen platform boldly presents. The solution entails engaging network marketing and people’s social value in a way that solves employment crisis while satisfying requirement of businesses to grow within their cost expectation.

“The project leverages technology by commoditizing and crowdsourcing small businesses internal processes so as to speedily achieve scale, agility, spread and market dominance. OceanTen addresses growth concerns by systematically transiting typical business from an organic growth organization to a hyper-growth business through commoditizing, crowdsourcing and execution of qualifying task/processes.”

oceanten.com is quite flexible, whether you are currently employed, under-employed or unemployed, OceanTen has a place for you. Also corporate businesses that are not buoyant enough to hire permanent sales person can leverage OceanTen by subscribing to the platform which is already swarmed with a community of young people looking for opportunities.