Marriage Can't Stop Me From Acting- Susan Peters Insists

Source: Maryjane Ezeh /

For some actresses, once they are married, their acting career suffers a great hit, but that's not the same for Nollywood's sweetheart, Susan Peters.

Although she pulled a surprise wedding on her fans in October last year, she says that nothing has changed about her and that her marriage cant stop her from taking any role in movies.

"I'm an actress. My husband met me in the job so he should support the job. It doesn't change me doing what I used to do. The only thing is, there are some other things I would not do the way I used to when I was a single lady. That's it. But every other thing about my job still stays as it is. I take the same roles I take before.

But Mrs. Susan Peters- Croon will never act nude for any reason. According to her, it is against their culture and tradition.

"I have never acted nude. That has been a no no for me, even before I got married. That's not even it. I've never acted nude and I've never been in support of acting nude. Of course you could take off some clothes but not to the extent of going totally nude. It is not in our culture to go nude. If I try that, my mother in the village would react. She will say the people in the village have followed me to the town. So it's not in our culture."