Ali Kwara Was In A Revenge Mission To Kill Young Moris....Says Lunguda Elders

By Tom Garba, Yola
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The Lunguda Elders yesterday issued press statement at the secretariat of Nigeria Union of Journalist (NU) , Adamawa state,accusing Ali Kwara of a purported revenge mission to kill Moris Enock (Popularly called Young Morris) who was recently turbarned as the ''Sarkin Bindigan Luguda'' by His Royal Highness Dr. Wilfred K. Kimde.

Moris narrated his odeal story of his purported arrest while in Police custody to Lunguda Elders following a request by a phone call for to meet a friend at a filling station in Numan. But as soon as he arrived at the rendezvous he was quickly surrounded by heavily armed un-uniformed men who quickly seized his car's keys and handcuffed him.

According to him ''i asked Ali Kwara why he was being arrested and the answer was that i was one of those who killed Fulani in Numan. When i told him that i was not aware of any incident involving killing of Fulani in Numan and you (Ali kwara) may be probably be referring to a clash that took place in Lamurde and that moreover i m young Moris ,iam not a Bachama ,iam a Lunguda by tribe. But Ali Kwara told me both Lunguda and Bachama were the ones who killed Fulani in Lamurde''.

The Elders also mentioned that Gunrunning is a very serious matter in Nigeria and rightly so,but the allegation that Young Moris was arrested because he was gunrunning came later and seems to be an afterthought. Wether or not Young Morris is guilt of gunrunning, though he repeatedly said he only sold ammunition to a colleague not guns and most certainly not to any criminals it is not a matter for discourse here. That aspect is for the law courts to determine.

The letter captioned that : '' The arrest of chief Morris Enoch: More question than answers.Is yearning for answers to question from hundreds lips of people in Adamawa state.

The Elders said their concern is not in the arrest of Morris but in the manner in which his arrest was effected. ''Why did the police deem it necessary to hire someone from outside the state to arrest Young Morris? If the Ali Kwara was contracted because of his prowess at arresting elusive criminals where was he when Young Morris and his patriotic colleaques alongside the military were battling Boko Haram?

''While the battle with Boko Haram lasted for a space of about 3 years, Ali Kwara was noticeably absent from the scene. Resorting to such an unconventional method of arrest ,smacks of a nothing but harassment ,intimidation,blackmail and whatever other hidden and dubious agenda there may be behind the facade''.

''The mode of arrest employed throws up more questions than answers. Ali Kwara is not an indigene of Adamawa state,although he is reputed to be adept at arresting hardened criminals who defy arrest by conventional means he is not a police officer but police decided to contracted a private citizen like him from faraway Bauchi state to arrest him it is a purely public admission of their incompetence.''

'' The police are saying that young Morris is a hardened criminal whose criminal activities they have long been aware of''. They stated

They call on the police to immediately release Chief Morris Enock on bail without further delay as his continuous incarceration in their hands is in clear breach of his fundamental human right.

Ali Kwara who is known to be staging a cross border war against thieves and criminals in the country,was some years ago also accused in killing innocent souls in Garun Kurama,Lere LGA (Saminaka) Kaduna state.