Ekiti State Government Propaganda Of Blackmail And Calumny Against DSS Continues

By Nelson Ekujumi

Just this afternoon, news broke in the social media that the Ekiti state government addressed a press conference today in the state capital, Ado Ekiti, where it stated that one of the arrested lawmakers of the state in the custody of the DSS had died. This information was further confirmed by news reportage in the radio and the drama of the press conference in which some people were even weeping over the alledged death was very comical and typical of a stunt which might qualify for a Nollywood film.

Customarily, one found the news very unpalatable, but on closer scrutiny and realizing that the state government was the one making this allegation of death, ones security sense was immediately awakened in realizing the character and antecedents of the head of the government in Ekiti state in person of Mr. Ayodele Fayose, who is better known as a stuntsman of no mean repute.

Before, we go further, we must all realize that based on confessions by active participants such as Captain Sagir Kooli and Dr. Temitope Aluko in what is today known as Ekitigate following the gubernatorial elections in the state on June 21, 2014, an allegation of coup against democracy that took place in the state was in need of proof and naturally, the security agencies are expected to perform their constitutional responsibility of bringing to book violators of the law, no matter their political party bias or status.

Thus Nigerians as lovers of peace and democracy, have been very vociferous in calling on the security agencies to carry out their function in order to save our democracy which was greatly undermined by this coup and send a strong message to the society that no violation of the law will be allowed to stand.

Mind you, the powers to ensure national security is vested in the DSS which is our secret police and this threat of a coup that was successfully executed via Ekitigate fall into its purview and this seems to be what is happening in relation to the arrest of the Ekiti state lawmakers for questioning but which the state government in acting out its well orchestrated script, has gone to town blackmailing and intimidating the DSS by alledging that the state house of assembly was unlawfully invaded.

Even in the midst of the allegations of invasion of the house of assembly and arrest of lawmakers against the DSS, without any iota of proof by the state government and the legislature as demanded by discerning and conscious Nigerians who have become used to how the Ekiti state government has redefined the art of governance to be the opposite of discipline, order, civilized conduct and responsibility.

And now, the latest allegation of death of one of the arrested lawmakers, which the Ekiti state government rushed to public with the sole aim of entrenching its agenda of intimidation, blackmail and calumny against the DSS has backfired as the agency today produced alive the alledged dead lawmaker and further exposed the character of Mr. Ayodele Fayose government as lacking in integrity, honour, decorum and respect for the sensibilities of Nigerians whose symbol of authority as encapsulated in government has been ridiculed by this outright lies, falsehood, misinformation and campaign of calumny with the aim of incitement to cause a breach of public peace.

We must all therefore in the light of the recent developments, admonish Nigerians to remain ever vigilant and not allow themselves to be deceived by anti democratic elements who are ever determined to play on the peoples intelligence against constitutionally established institutions from carrying out their responsibility and thus escape justice for violations of the law.

The Ekitigate scandal which is a coup against democracy must be investigated and prosecuted accordingly, no more, no less.

Nelson Ekujumi