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We’re leaving the country for good---Nobert and Gloria Young


Mr and Mrs Young, both actors wedded some years back. Gloria and Norbert both popular faces on Television were found at a child's naming ceremony at Jakande Estate, Ojo, Lagos
Could you please disclose your full names?
My name is Nobert Young and my wife is Gloria Nobert Young.

What's your state of origin?
I'm from Delta State - Urhobo.

Your academic background please?
I attended St Peter Clavers College Aghalokpe in Benin City, went further to Iwere College, Koko, U.I and Uniben where I bagged my degree in Theatre Arts. My wife Gloria attended Fountain School, Surulere, Lagos, for her primary education, Methodist Girls High School, Yaba down to El-Sentro College, Dallas, Texas where she studied Mass Communication. Gloria interjects Honey let me continue from here. I went ahead to Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ) studied Journalism. I worked with Daily Times as a NLG correpondent, Quality Magazines as a reporter and Classic Magazine as a writer.

How long have you been in the movie industry?
Since it started but Gloria got into the movie industry 1992 and got a role in Glamour Girls, the first Nigerian home video in English.

What are the most challenging roles you've played?
Mrs Young: All roles are challenging because they meant something to you at a particular time. Mr Young: All roles are challenging in relevance to the popular parlance in the movie industry “There are no small roles but small actors.”

Apart from your roles in the showbiz industry, what other things do you do?Mr Young: Nothing, only showbiz, I'm trained for it. Mrs Young: I like to do a lot of sewing, baking, writing short stories, features and opinion pieces for The Sun. I like to be more of a homemaker doing interior decorations and baking for occasions like weddings, birthdays etc for friends.

Which film was your first major hit, that brought you to limelight?
Mr Young: No film brought me to limelight because I started appearing in scenes right from NTA Benin in programmes like Assises, and in Lagos, The Third Eye, Checkmate, Family Circle. Mrs Young: Glamour Girls Part 1.

What gives you an edge in the roles you play?
Mr and Mrs Young: Everything.

There's this rumour that ladies in the movie industry cannot sustain their marriage.

Is this true sir?
Mr Young: How many actors get married to actresses. Mrs Young went further to speak about Jennifer Okere who married an actor but died and she believes Saidi and Fathia Balogun are living happily. She asked how many couples do not have misunderstandings or quarrels. Infact, Mr Young narrated an incident in the church where the Pastor chorused thrice for couples who haven't quarrelled in the past one week to come forward to the platform, for a prize. Nobody came out. So, he said, marriage depends on tolerance, understanding and all other good qualities to sustain its strength).

Could you please describe your wife in at least two sentence?
I don't discuss my privacy and I'm not in an English class, so I can't describe nor summarise.

Do you think you could be picked for the best actor or actress for the year 2004?
Mr Young: I did some movies, the judges should decide. Mrs Young: I don't know their criteria. So it's up to them..

How would you describe the growth of the movie industry?
It's phenomenal, started twelve years ago and has grown beyond the first biggest, which is Bollywood. Right now, it's producing more and it's improving.

Who are your mentors?
Mr Young: A group of Nigerian actors seen in 1977 during Langbodo, people like Jimi Solanke, Sam Loco, Matt Imerion, Akin Lisk-Carew (late), Ben Okoigbale (Risky) and Prof. Dapo Adelugba. Foreign actors include Robert De Niro, Al Pacino etc. Mrs Young: They include stars like Oprah Winfrey, Queen Latifah because she is articulate and Whoopy Goldberg. For writers: Wole Soyinka, Ola Rotimi, May Ellen Ezekiel, Chuzzy Udenwa and Emeka Obasi.

What's your next movie going to be?
Ma Young:It's titled Today's Woman featuring myself, Liz Benson, Patience Ozokwor, Olu Jacobs and so many others.

What are your plans for 2005?
We are planning to leave the country for good.