Genevieve Nnaji to Re-Launch Album in Sierra Leone

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Popular Nigerian film star Genievive Nnaji will (for the second time ) launch her first musical album on May 6 and 7, this year in Freetown.

The album was first launched in Ghana. The event which is expected to attract fans and very important personalities from neighboring countries, will be hosted by "All 'Works' of Life", AWOL, a local non-profit organization in Sierra Leone."It is going to be something wonderful and exciting ", says Mohamed Lahoh Jalloh, the new chairman of AWOL.

He says Genevieve's album is a mixture of Afro beat and western lyrics, adding that AWOL members were fortunate to witness the initial launch of the album in Ghana where they offered a 1000 dollars bid for it, which was the lowest because another group offered 12,000 dollars for it.

"It was an extraordinary event", he recalls.

Genevieve's first musical performance in Sierra Leone will take place at international striker Mohamed kallon's Old School Entertainment Complex at Aberdeen, west of the capital Freetown, on May 6 and at the National Stadium on May 7. AWOL has been known for conferring awards to people who have made outstanding achievements in the country . Many have wondered why it is now involved in a musical venture.

The secretary general of AWOL Chernoh Bah says, "We are not organizing the show merely to make money, but we thought it fit to raise revenue to further pursue our humanitarian ventures". He recalls that in the past,they provided an X-ray machine for the Connaught Hospital in Freetown, which was in dire need of equipment.

Genievive's manager Ghanaian born Kiki Banson says the album was first launched in Ghana but has not been released for public consumption.

'It will be a great ground breaking ceremony", he says, referring to the musical performance in Sierra Leone in May. "The reason why we decided to come to Sierra Leone is because of AWOL. Looking at the history of Sierra Leone, if young men dish out money for a sacrificial work, it greatly moves us', he says, adding: "We are here to support the idea of AWOL and to give the Sierra Leonean public quality entertainment"

The out gone chairman Moseray Fadika says AWOL's aim is to "change perceptions in the country". He expresses the organization's resolve to use its revenue to promote human welfare in the poverty-stricken coastal West African country.