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Shan George's new marriage threatened

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Barely three months after London-based big boy, Tony Nwosisi, formalised his relationship with star actress, Shan George, at a traditional and church wedding at Ediba, Cross River State an ex-lover of Shan 's husband is now threatening their marriage

The lady who has kept her identity under wraps, is alleging among other things that Tony Nwosisi committed bigamy in marrying Shan without divorcing his former wife, Success. According to the woman who called herself, 'someone who has had a personal experience with him", she says Tony Nwosisi is still legally married to his immediate estranged wife,yet he went ahead to wed Shan in the traditional way and in church as well.

Not done,the woman also alleged that "Tony is a credit card fraudster in London who has married four times and that Shan is number five. She also alleged that Tony has five children from three women. She equally alleged that Tony had described Shan in an uncomplimentary way,claiming he only married her to popularise his family name and that he is not in love with her.

The woman went further to point out that" "if you notice since after the marriage,he has abandoned Shan in Nigeria for months now and is now living with another woman in London.Tony is known in London as a man who "changes women like clothes"

The woman also alleged that Tony Nwosisi's first wife's name is Funke, the second Philo, while the third is called C.C., a Ugandan woman who has three children for him.

But late last week we called up Shan and intimated her about these allegations. The actress who is currently on the location of a movie directed by Moses Ebere, said it was not in her place to react to the allegations. "As you can see, this fellow is trying to get at my husband. For whatever reasons, I don 't know. Tony is an adult and can answer for himself, but let me tell you this no one can just break this union by alleging trash"

We also sought a clarification from Shan as to whether it was true that Tony committed bigamy in marrying her.As Shan puts it "everyone has had past. I knew all about Tony before 1 married him. He had a past. I have a past. You know the problem is that some can't just accept that something is over,that you lose some and you win some. It is God that arranges our lives and what he says will be,will definitely be. Tony is a man and every guy has had one or two relationships before and it doesn't mean you must get married to all the babes you've dated.Some people are just bad losers."

Shan continued, "I am surprised you're entertaining this rubbish. Tony is an African man and he is entitled to as many wives as he can feed. But let's be serious here.People just talk. How can a man have five kids and decided to deny some of them?You know before they used to write that Shari has three kids. What it means is that I accepted two which I tell people and deny one.Why should I deny one of my children after carrying him or her for nine months? Is this reasonable? Okay, Tony has several kids, he has several wives, but I am the one he is married to. The person telling you that he dumped me in Nigeria because he lives with another woman is just yapping. Ask my producer, my husband wants me in London and please watch out, as soon as this shoot is over, I will go over next week" Our reporter gathered that both Shan George and her husband, Tony Nwosisi, had earlier received threat text messages from the same woman. The text message to Shan George reads thus: "By the time I finish with you and your husband, you will regret yourself." Meanwhile, Tony Nwosisi has dismissed the text messages and the calls, declining to speak on the issue. He said it was the handiwork of the agent of the devil.