Blackface Threatens to Deal with Tekno in Public

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Well, fans, it seems the entertainment war will not end anytime soon as singer, Blackface, has just been provoked by the attitude of Tripple MG singer, Tekno.

The singer has come out to blast the singer of using the name of a mobile phone to sell his brand just to fit into the industry.

Though he never made a direct name calling but with the description attach to his descriptive expression, it is easier to detect who he is making reference to.

According to him, “some artist wey go dey bear telephone name just to be popular. That day I catch you, pray say a savior come to your aid, creepy agents, creepy artists.”

Though fans have come dragging the singer on his tail urging him to grow and stop smoking and concentrate more on reviving his career.