Banana Mouth’s Smoking Pipe, Talking Nonsense—Hardy

By O'town Gist Entert

In this interview, award winning writer and blogger Chinedu Hardy Nwadike replies Mr. Tonygreg Ukaegbu aka MC Banana Mouth who said that Hardy has been sleeping with Floxy and also deceiving her.

Afro-pop singer, Chinwendu Florence Izuchukwu aka Floxy has been under Hardy’s management for more than two years, and he stepped up to say what he thinks about MC Banana Mouth’s comment.

Are you really sleeping with Floxy?
Only a fool will sleep with a girl and make it public, besides Floxy is business and she has also grown to become family to me. But I don’t still think I answer to anyone on how I live my life. If he sleeps with every female he works with, I’m different.

Have you ever slept with any female entertainer who came to you for help?

Even if I’m a he goat, the last set of girls I want to date are entertainers, they are great people but this whole thing is business and only fools sleep with their business.

How about the deception?
It also depend on his standard for deception and I will not be tricked into talking about what we have achieved. We are not where we want to be, but we are not where we used to be. If this is deception, type MC Banana Mouth on a search engine and then search for ‘singer Floxy’ to compare.

Why do you think MC Banana Mouth made the comment?

If I should answer that, I would be just like him. Floxy left a Whatsapp group he created and he just said those things after which he removed me without talking to me about it.

So why he said it is only known to him, but that is not my business now because the damage has already been done.

Are you having issues with him?
Issues? Yes and no. on a personal ground no. on a professional ground yes. I’m a writer, reporter and blogger. I say what no one wants to say and that’s mostly an issue with some people who like to play god when they’re with others.

There are romours you’re kicking because you lost election in the group

I was expecting that. My only crime was wasting my time on reading a bedtime story to a deaf old man like MC Banana Mouth.

He is a god in the group and no one challenges him and that’s funny. Each time I suggest due process for certain things all I get is jeers from some guys who don’t even understand what I was saying.

They created a Senate and I said the whole idea was trash because I imagined what the constitution would look like. It’s a complex road and most of them think they are in the campus where people take legislative titles as they wish.

He thinks it’s his village meeting where he can decide who is in and out.

What’s your general opinion on the association?

It’s great idea, but the approach is very wrong. It’s only online and Whatsapp can only take 100 people in a group when there are thousands of entertainers in the state. What gives the people in the group the right to call themselves pioneers when the name of a certain group was just changed?

The thing is causing problem already because some registered associations are claiming that if they are not properly written, they will sanctions their members in the group and he doesn’t seem to care about that.

How do you see MC Banana Mouth now?
He is still a great who has excelled locally in his own way. But someone should advise him to stop smoking pipe and start saying trash in public. Failing to nail a girl on his bed does not mean he should go on and start spoiling her name.

They should also tell him that he should read history to know that every god who had ever risen in Imo entertainment sphere has a tenure and none of them leaves with a good name.

Are you saying female artistes are targeted?

No be from my mouth you go hear say Polycap mouth bend. Of course they are. There are guys in the state whose job is to sleep with female entertainers with the promise of making them big.

I pity such girls because they don’t even ask themselves if such persons had ever made any girl big. She just wants to be specimen A. it’s happening everywhere not just in Imo State.

Is your reaction not a product of jealousy?
No way! I’m experienced in this kind of thing. This is just the same thing with Imo Contemporary Musicians Association [ICMA] which I was elected the president. I will say I failed which I am not proud of but the failure came because so many people wanted power. People like Acharaman decided to play god with his cartel. They refused to run for positions during the election and when we were preparing the constitution, there was no provision for gods, so we had to crash because the house divided and I didn’t want to be tagged a fraudster in this state.

It is the same with the one MC Banana Mouth is forming. Out of about 30 major and minor positions, he has none, but he decides almost what happens. He has the blue print. He is the god. One day the exco will say no and there will be division, it is something he can’t change. But like I always say, do I care?

What would be your next action?
I just reacted now and this is the end of it. I have work to do and a book to finish. Floxy has recordings and she just went back to school which means there are textbooks to read and assignments to be done. So we will be busy minding our business because with the little education I have, there are some people I’m not supposed to engage with. I will take it that they smoke pipe and let it be,

I will make it clear to him and others that Floxy is my project anyone whosoever plays with her, plays with me. And it would be funny next time.

He also wrote Floxy off as one of the female artistes in Imo State

When people smoke pipe, their judgment is often clouded, I just need time to blow a strong breeze on his brain to reduce the thickness of the cloud. There’s no point in bragging where Floxy is because I would be talking like the same local champion who made the inference.

Chidinma, Genevieve and a long list of other Imo State born female celebrities never vied for Imo State best, but they made it, so who needs Imo State, when there is Nigeria, Africa and the entire world.

Would you still be part of the association if invited?

When we get to that river we will know how to cross it, but I don’t real see that happening. Like I said, I’ll be busy minding my business.

What do you want people to believe after everything?

Anything they wish. This is showbiz, sometimes, the uglier the better. So I won’t tell people what to believe. Maybe they should wait and see who I’d be getting married to. If it’s not Floxy and she is looking heartbroken that day, buy Prophet Banana Mouth a drink wherever he maybe, but if the opposite happens, he is just another guy smoking pipe and talking nonsense.