"I Don’t Think We Have Enough Comedians To Service Everybody" Lolo 1 Speaks On The High Number Of Comedy Shows In Nigeria

By GreenScope Media

It's no news that Nigeria's Entertainment Industry has witnessed a major boom within the past decade. This boom is largely being felt in the comic sector, otherwise known as the Comedy Industry. Almost everywhere you go in major cities, there is one comedy show or the other being advertised.

OAP and Comedian, Lolo 1, who is best known for her stand up comedy and has been organizing a show called Oga Madam Live On Stage for a few years. In a recent chat with TheBriefNg.com , she gave her opinion on the high number of comedy shows in Nigeria.

In your candid opinion, do you think there are too many comedy shows in Nigeria these days?

It's just like saying do you think there so many pepper sellers in the market? Every market you go, there are more and more pepper sellers everywhere. Why are there so many pepper sellers in the market, yet we are all buying pepper?

It's the same principle with comedy. I have something to offer and I need a specific platform to showcase my skills. At times, you want your audience to interact with you real time. You can buy a TV and watch a movie or a stage play, but it would never be the same as being in a live audience. The ambiance is different. the connection with the audience is different. These are part of the reasons why comedians like myself organise their own shows.

Also, let's not forget that Nigerians sometimes just need an excuse to go out. Comedy shows are good opportunities to bond, to relax and have a nice outing for you and the family.

I can never say there are too many comedy shows. You can't say we shouldn't grow. What matters is that the people are enjoying it. Everybody that has something to offer should bring their A-game. How many Nigerians do we have in this country? I don't even think we have enough comedians to service everybody.

How can a comedian build his or her skills and remain relevant in the midst of competition?

Everybody's creativity is personal. We are all working on our individual craft. As a comedian, it's important that you reflect on yourself, be attune with everything around you and be able to flow. Talent can't be forced. You have to hone your talent to make it better.

Regular exercising is also important. By exercising, I mean performing. The more you perform, the more you build your confidence and get better at what you do.

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