My heart has been broken twice

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In Nollywood today, pretty Oby Edozieh is among the few top actresses that bare their minds on issues within and outside the industry without minding whose ox is gored.

IThe Valentino star from Anambra State who had been heart-broken twice by men in her quest for true love said: "Nigerian men cheat a lot. They are not trustworthy. In fact, you can't trust them. I'm speaking from experience."

Aside taking Nigerian men to the gutters, single and "maybe, not searching" Oby, who was discovered by Zeb Ejiro, also spoke on other sundry issues outside her terrain.

How has it been so far with Oby Edozieh?
Nothing much, only that God has been so, so nice to me as an actress.

Before embracing acting, what were you doing?
I was a student at Lagos State University, studying History and International Relations. I came into acting through Sola Fosudo, he is a lecturer in my school. One day, I walked up to him and told him I would love to act and he gave me a note to Zeb Ejiro and that was how I started acting. This was in 1997. The following year, I featured in my first major movie entitled.

To Have And To Cherish. But before then, I had done minor roles in Venom of Justice and Beyond Vows. The following year, I took a break from acting because of my Youth Service, which I did with NNB. I re-launched myself back to mainstream acting after my service with the lead role in Zeb Ejiro's rested soap, Candle Light.

Were your parents in support of you going into acting then considering the many negative stories associated with actresses?
Yes! My parents, especially my dad who died in '99, all supported me.

Which of your movies brought you into limelight?
It was Abuja Connection, from the stable of O.J. Productions. Other films that made me popular were Ruff Ryders, Opposite Love, Valentino, Passion and Pain, Runs. They are many, I can't remember them. But the fact is that Oby Edozieh has done lots of hit movies…

What is your family background like?
Oby Edozieh is the third in a family of six; we are two girls and four boys. We are from Aguleri in Anambra State. My dad is late and mum lives in London.

How old is Oby Edozieh?
Just added one more year to my age recently. Oby is an adult, okay. My age is not important.

How was growing up and where did you grow up?
My growing up was fantastic and lovely. I grew up here in Lagos and also had my nursery, primary, secondary and tertiary education here in Lagos.

Many of your colleagues are saying you are cocky, pompous and arrogant. How true are these allegations?
Me? All these allegations are baseless and unfounded; I'm a down-to-earth lady. The fact is that most of my colleagues have not really taken time to know the real Oby Edozieh.

So, in essence you are soft, romantic and down-to-earth?
Yes, I'm very soft, emotional, down-to-earth and romantic.

How romantic?
Very, very romantic and loving. Do you want to try me?

In that case, tell us about your love life?
So, sorry, my love life is a no-go area. I will comment on it the day I finally go to the altar.

How soon are you going to the altar?
If God says it is today, I'm ready.

So, who is this lucky guy that has swept you off your feet?
Hold on till the very day we will both storm the altar and be proclaimed husband and wife by the officiating minister.

Can you still remember when you had your first kiss?
I can't actually remember. But it's been long. Very, very long.

Have you ever been jilted before by men?
Yes! On two occasions and I wouldn't want to talk about them because of the bitter experiences. They hurt me badly whenever I remember them.

How would you describe Nigerian men in terms of affairs?
Nigerian men are not straightforward; I'm talking from experience. They cheat much. They are not trustworthy. In fact, you can't trust them. I'm speaking from experience, they lie with both sides of their mouths.

Describe Oby Edozieh for us
Oby is God-fearing, emotional, loving, understanding, blunt, hardworking, pretty and multi-talented.

Let us assume you are not acting today, what else would you have been doing?
Probably, modelling or be a practising corporate lawyer with a multinational company.

What trips you in a man?
First and foremost, for a guy to win my heart, he must be loving, straightforward, handsome and understanding. I also love men that are hardworking.

What is your view of Nollywood?
We thank God for Nollywood. We are also very proud that it is the fastest growing movie-making empire in the world. Our producers and directors are doing wonderfully well. But they should stop recycling same faces in every one of our movies. We have many up-and-coming stars waiting to make bold statements.
They should also be discovered and showcased to the globe…. We've got abundant talents in Nollywood.

Has any of your movies really challenged you?
Yes! Abuja Connection 3, was a bit challenging, because I played the role of a mad woman so well in the movie. I was also well paid. But I'm waiting for more challenging roles.

In the movie industry, who and who do you look up to globally as role models?
Ehm! I look up to Demi Moore and Denzel Washington; I pray to act alongside the two of them some day. In Nollywood, I look up to Clarion Chukwura and Eucharia Anunobi. I also like RMD and Ramsey Noah.

As a sexy, pretty and star actress, how do you cope and handle the attention from menfolk?
It's not been easy, especially the incessant phone calls. But I also try to be polite to them whenever they come up with the issue of dating and wanting to marry me, especially on the phone.

When the time comes, what would you like to be remembered for?
For the happiness and sweetness I brought into homes with my acting. Also, for my humanitarian works within and outside Nollywood. I would also like to be remembered for being Oby Edozieh, the lovely and friendly actress.

Still on your love life, tell us about the lucky guy?
Stop pestering me about my love life. On the D-day, you will definitely see him. Leave me alone, abeg.