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For movie bad girl, Halimat Oiza Abubakar, posing nude and playing raunchy roles in movies will no longer be her part of life.
Haliimat, who shot to fame a few years ago after doing a bra and bikini advert, says she is quitting the bad girl role because for years she has been getting the wrong end of the stick

Halimat lamented thus: “I'm sick and tired of nude roles. Why should I continue posing nude when at the end of the day I only get shortchanged? Hey! I think it is time I quit the bad girl thing.

The amount may be juicy but how much would they pay me that would be enough when I know they are using me to make millions. After posing nude, I would just be left with a few thousands. It is ridiculous! I have been in the business for a while and there is nothing to show for it, I deserve a lot more.”

Sticking to her guns to prove a point, Halimat has already turned down 20 raunchy roles: “I have turned down over 20 nude roles in the past year because of this very reason. No matter how much they pay me today, forget nude roles, I wouldn't even touch it with a long pole! I have rejected some very hot roles with some very hot actors like Jim Iyke.

Though, Jim is a very good actor and I respect him, the problem was that my own part of the movie demanded a lot. I don't want to be a bad girl any more.”
For a while now, Halimat has not been on the silver screen. What has she been up to? Halimat responded thus:” I have just graduated from Bayero University Kano.

I had to write my exams, which means a lot of reading so, I took some time off. Thank God, I am through with school now. I am very ready and willing to act. I see a very bright future; my fans will be seeing a lot of me this year. I have done two new jobs since November ending and now. I am taking acting very seriously.”

Considering all she has gone through as movie's bad babe, Halimat has vowed not to allow her kids to act: “I will never allow my children to act, at least; not in this country. The stress is not easy. To get a role in the movies is not easy. You hop from one television house to another. I don't want to see my kids experience what I have gone through and I hate to see negative things written about my kids. The press has been good to me but they can be very funny too.”

“I regret doing some modeling jobs back in the day. At the time, I was thinking of the money but after spending the money, I was left high and dry. It was as if I did a very bad thing. In retrospect, I don't believe I actually did those jobs. Then, I was growing up and naïve. It was a major mistake both in my private life and career.

Now, I have learnt to be myself. I was not being myself then. I was too much in a hurry. For all the bad roles I have played, they still owe me $40000. I don't want to mention names but they know themselves. I have decided to put the experience behind me.”

A few years ago, when Halimat's nude pictures glossed the covers of celebrity magazines, she was beaten black and blue by her father. How did Halimat reconcile with her dad? She replied thus: “Yes, my dad was really mad with me. He gave me the beating of my life but time heals everything. We are very good friends today.”

New Roles
Any new role? “Wow! A lot of exciting roles are in the offing. I was on “Royal Family” though, it was a cameo role but I had fun working on the set, I was also on “Unbroken Promises” with Saint Obi and Chioma Chukwuka. It was great working on the set also.”