Don Jazzy Breaks Lady's Heart in Public

Source: Hope Efoghe/
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The valentine vibe has come and gone, it definitely would have been an unforgettable experience for some, as many might have created memories that would not be forgotten so easily.

In the whole Val Craziness, a young lady who apparently wanted to get her boo a gift, or just wanted to disturb Don Jazzy, sent him a message requesting him to send her money to buy a valentine gift for her boo.

However, Don jazzy might have been tagged as a nice and generous person, but he is definitely not the type that allow's people take advantage of him.

The lady who sent him that message with much positive response was heart broken because Don Jazzy didn't grant her request.

He wrote ''Tell your Baba that the jazz did not work''

It was so funny seeing such response, what she was thinking before asking for such request, is well known to her and God.