Misery: Phone Credited by Spirit

Source: Hope Efoghe/Nigeriafilms.com
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Wonders they say would never end. Different miracles has been seen and heard, but this is the first of its kind.

Recently, a church in Ogun state wanted to prove to his members that there is nothing impossible for God to do. In the process of lifting their faith in Christ, he decided to set a physical example.

He instructed his members to bring out there phones while he pray, and after praying,all phones would be credited.

Am sure many would have laughed a lot in disbelieve when he mentioned that word, but trust Nigerians, they would obey to see the outcome.

After the prayer, testimonies began, a female member testified that she had only N9 balance on her phone before the prayers but after the prayer, she saw N750 credit on her phone.

Another lady said she had N50 but after the prayers, she checked her balance and it was N100. Okay! This looks like a super story but it actually happened.