Don’t Rush into Marriage…John Dumelo Warns

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Observation these day shows that the single guys seems to be learning more and faster about marriages than people than that are already married as they now offer advice more about a sustainable union than even a marriage counselor.

One handsome bachelor who is not ready to rush into marriage is Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo, as he often times tries to talk about what it takes to make a good relationship.

The actor lamented about the rate at which some marriages were crashing these days as he pointed out at the possible fault which he attributes to pressure from friends and making haste decisions to get married.

He stated that what couples forget about in marriages is that people will celebrate with you when you are taking the vows but will not be there to help manage the home when the issues comes up.

“The rate at which marriages are collapsing these days is alarming. People rush into marriage for the wrong reasons. They feel it's just nice to marry. So let's marry! They forget it takes a lot to stay married hence if you are not ready, don't rush into it. Don't let "external pressures" force you to get married. When/if marriage problems start, those who were giving you pressure will be nowhere to be found. God will reveal the right one at the right time, His time is the best!” he said.