Nollywood’s tale across the Niger

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A new movie, Across The Niger, produced Kingsly Ogoro Productions will soon be screened in cinema houses across the country. The movie which tells the story of love and hatred in Nigeria and indeed Africa also focuses on the past, present and future of the country/continent.

Apart from the cinema shows at home, the movie will also move to London this month. This is to be followed by similar releases in Europe and in United States.

Essentially, Across The Niger takes Nigeria to new heights with a bold, yet sensitive foray into the moral decadence of the civil war of 1967-1970. Some of the most authentic and gripping battlefield and underwater scenes ever seen in Nollywood make the movies a special work. Besides, it encompasses so many things that represent the concept of who a Nigerian is and what the country itself is.

Across The Niger which took about three years to be produced features an array of talented stars such as Kanayo O. Kanayo, Rekiya Atta, Segun Arinze, Peter Edochie, Ramsy Noah, Chinedu Ikedieze 'Aki', Chiwetalu Agu and Ireti Doyle.

In more ways than one, the story of Across The Niger is a universal one that addresses people, but particularly Africans – people of a continent that up till today, are being ripped apart by ethnic strife, social betrayal and unfulfilled dreams. Ogoro puts it succintly, "This film is a pathfinder that sets the standard." Also Dr Kola Munis expressed his satisfaction with film describing it as "One of Nollywood 's most ambitious ventures."

The new movie also ranks among other multiple award winning movies as Osuofia In London, The Prostitute and the acclaimed Battle of Love which won the best picture award at the THELMA 2000.
The lead character, Dubem, (Kanayo O. Kanayo), is a major in the Nigerian army prior to the outbreak of civil war in 1967. He is stationed in the northern region of Nigeria. He has just married his beloved Habiba (Rekia Atta), a girl from the surrounding villages when inter-ethnic strife breaks out and non-indigenes are forced to flee to the safety of their homelands. It is from here that the story begins to weave its endearing plot of love, courage and hope.

As anarchy descends in the land, the love between Dubem and Rekiya suddenly becomes a taboo. Hunted on all sides, they too are forced to flee and travel hundreds of miles in search of safety in Dubem 's homeland. Making their way through enemy's territory, they rely on nothing but their inner strenghts, their love…and the support of friends along the way. But it soon turned out that 'home' is no longer what it used to be. It now becomes a love across enemy lines.